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Rubidium Oscillators and Rubidium Frequency Standards


Precision Test Systems manufacturer and supplies many different types of rubidium oscillators.  Rubidium oscillators are typically 30 - 100  times more stable than the best crystal oscillators but often donít cost much more.  Outputs can be Sinewave, Squarewave (TTL, ECL, CMOS levels).  Different frequencies like 1 pps or any frequency to 100 MHz.


  • UMTS and CDMA Base Stations
  • Satellite, Communication and Navigation Systems
  • General Workshop frequency standard
  • Replacement for expensive low ageing crystal oscillators


Precision Test Systems will gladly design bespoke rubidium oscillators and rubidium frequency standards.  Some options that with have been asked for include:

  • External locking input,  Either 1 pps, 5 MHz or 10 MHz with automatic switchover
  • Redundant rubidium systems
  • Low voltage types.
  • Small size
  • Different frequency output, e.g. 5 MHz, 2.048 MHz, 13 MHz, 15 MHz, 150 MHz.
  • Vibration insensitive cases  
  • GPS Receiver integrated into module
  • Replacement for expensive low ageing crystal oscillators

Models (Click on model number for brochure)

Click here for a general brochure on our rubidium oscillators

Rubidium Frequency Standards

Precision Test has many models of rubidium frequency standards including:

RFS10C Rubidium Frequency Standard
The RFS10C is a 10 MHz rubidium frequency reference which offers excellent performance for virtually any frequency or timing application. It is ideal for instrumentation and communication systems which require a precise frequency reference. The RFS10C is supplied in a 19Ē rack mount case and is powered from a 100-240 VAC power supply.

RFS10E Rubidium Frequency Standard
The RFS10E is a 1U low profile rubidium frequency standard. The RFS10E has a 10 MHz output and can also have an optional distribution amplifier giving up to ten outputs.

RFS10F and RFS10G Rubidium Frequency Standards
The RFS10F and RFS10G are rubidium frequency standards with ultra low phase noise.  The RFS10F has a 10 MHz output and can also have an optional second frequency output such as 10.23 MHz (other frequencies available).  The RFS10G is a ultra low phase noise 10 MHz rubidium oscillator.  Phase noise is -110 dBc/Hz at 1 Hz and drift is 5 x 10E-11 / month.  Both units are housed in a 2U 19" rack mount case and are powered from 100 - 240 VAC supplies.