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Frequency Standards

Precision Test manufacturers a complete range of frequency standards.  This includes rubidium and OXCO models either free running or controlled by an external reference (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, 1pps, 5 MHz, 10 MHz, IRIG-B etc).  Output frequencies typically 1 MHz, 5 MHz, 10 MHz, 10.23 MHz, 13 MHz, 100 MHz or bespoke frequency.

Model Overview (click on the brochures tab above, for a full list of brochures):

  • CFS10B Low Phase Noise, Crystal Oscillator
  • DA101010-03 Crystal Frequency Standard with built in distribution amplifier
  • GPS10e: Economy Range of GPS Disciplined Frequency Standards
  • GPS10eR: GNSS Disciplined Rubidium Frequency Standard * Highest Performance
  • GPS10R Bench Mount GPS Disciplined Rubidium Frequency Standard
  • GPS10RBN High Performance GPS Disciplined Rubidium Frequency Standard
  • GPS10X GPS Disciplined Crystal Frequency Standard
  • SG1640 0 to 1640 MHz Signal Generator with built in GPS Frequency Standard
  • RFS10E 1U Low Profile 10 MHz Rubidium Frequency Standard
  • RFS10F 10 MHz Rubidium Frequency Standard with optional 10.23 MHz output*** NEW
  • Rubidium Modules for OEM applications
These units are based on oven controlled crystal oscillators.  The CFS10B features an ultra low phase noise option.  The ultra low phase noise option has phase noise of < -120 dBc/Hz at 1 Hz with a < -170 dBc/Hz noise floor (single output unit). Optional for up to ten isolated outputs are available as well.

DA101010-03 Crystal Frequency Standard
The DA101010-03 is a crystal standard with a high stability OXCO as the frequency reference. There are also ten sinewave and two squarewave outputs. The internal frequency reference has a daily aging rate of 2 x 10-10 per day. Options such as an Alarm Relay and Redundancy are available. The DA101010-03 can also accept an external input. The DA101010-03 operates at 10 MHz, but other frequencies from 1 to 50 MHz are available.

GPS10eR / GPS10R / RBN Rubidium Based GPS Disciplined Frequency Standards
These GPS/GNSS Disciplined Rubidium Frequency Standards are our most accurate frequency standards having long term accuracy of parts in 10E-14. Various time code outputs can be optional added to these frequency standards, including IRIG-B or E and BCD Time Code Output. 

The GPS10R is a bench mount model while the GPS10RBN and GPS10eR are 19" rack mount models.  

The GPS10eR is the latest addition to our range. This model has twin GNSS receivers and can receive most of the worlds satellite systems such as GPS, GLONASS and Galileo.

GPS10e and GPS10X Crystal Based GPS Disciplined Frequency Standard 
The GPS10e and GPS10X are low cost GPS Disciplined OXCO frequency standard. Despite their low cost, these units will delivery an accurate 10 MHz output (other frequencies optional available). Phase noise is the best in its class.  Accuracy is maintained with an accuracy of typically < 1E-12 (averaged over one week). Many options are available including ten isolated outputs.

RFS10E Rubidium Frequency Standard
The RFS10E is a low profile rubidium frequency standards. It has a 10 MHz output and can also have an optional distribution amplifier giving up to ten outputs.  The RFS10E is a high performance rubidium.  Free Windows software can be used for monitor and control via Ethernet or RS232 interfaces.

RFS10F Rubidium Frequency Standard
The RFS10F is a rubidium frequency standards with a low phase noise output.  The RFS10F has a 10 MHz output and can also have an optional second frequency output such as 10.23 MHz (other frequencies available).  

Rubidium Oscillator Modules
Rubidium oscillators can be used as frequency references in OEM applications.  Low cost models are available as well as many options.

SG1640 Crystal Based GPS Disciplined Frequency Standard 
The SG1640 is a 10 µHz to 1640 MHz synthesizer with a GPS disciplined oven controlled crystal oscillator. This product is a low cost alternative to our rubidium based units and offers very good performance at low cost.

Custom Made Units
Precision Test Systems will gladly design any option specially needed for a customer. Design costs are not excessive and design time is very quick.  Most of our products started out as "customer specials".

Options Available
Many options are available for our range of frequency standards.  Options include battery backup, up to 1000 outputs, different frequencies, various timing outputs, redundancy, special equipment cases etc.  Contact us for your special design requirements.