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Rubidium Oscillators

Precision Test supplies a full range of rubidium oscillators and modules, including ultra low phase noise and ultra low Alan deviation modules.

Model Overview (click on the brochures tab above, for a full list of brochures):

  • RFS1: Rubidium Oscillator.  Low Phase Noise.  RS232 Interface
  • RFS2: Rubidium Oscillator.  Small size, 25 mm high.  
  • RFS3: Rubidium Oscillator.  High performance, low phase noise & Alan deviation, many options including GPS.

Precision Test Systems will gladly design bespoke rubidium oscillators and rubidium frequency standards.  Some options that with have been asked for include:

  • External locking input,  Either 1 pps, 5 MHz or 10 MHz with automatic switchover
  • Redundant rubidium systems
  • Low voltage types.
  • Small size
  • Different frequency output, e.g. 5 MHz, 2.048 MHz, 13 MHz, 15 MHz, 150 MHz.
  • Vibration insensitive cases  
  • GPS Receiver integrated into module
  • Replacement for expensive low ageing crystal oscillators
Precision Test has many models of rubidium frequency standards including:

RFS10E Rubidium Frequency Standard

The RFS10E is a 1U low profile rubidium frequency standard. The RFS10E has a 10 MHz output and can also have an optional distribution amplifier giving up to ten outputs.  It can be monitored and controlled by free PC software  or via its embedded web page.

RFS10F Rubidium Frequency Standard
The RFS10F has a 10 MHz output and can also have an optional second frequency output such as 10.23 MHz (other frequencies available).  The RFS10F is housed in a 2U 19" rack mount case and are powered from 100 - 240 VAC supplies. 

Refer to the frequency standards section for more details on the products.