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Precision Test Systems (Precision Test) was founded in 1983 and celebrates over 33 years of service to its customers. We are a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of electronic test and measurement equipment. Precision Test's head office is in Essex, England with subsidiaries located in USA, Australia and South Africa . Precision Test is also represented by several overseas agents.

Precision Test was originally founded in 1983. Initially the company was involved in the repair and calibration to all makes of test equipment. From here, Precision Test, branched out into the sale of used test equipment.

Precision Test started manufacturing its own range of electronic test equipment in 1987 and now has a complete range of electronic test and measurement equipment in its portfolio.

We are becoming experts in designing ultra low phase noise products and systems. Our GPS10RBN and GPS10eR GPS Disciplined Frequency Standards is one of the lowest phase noise rubidium units available on the market. To complement this is our DA1-100-10 and DA1-150-10-E ultra low phase noise distribution amplifiers.

We not only sell individual products but can supply complete frequency distribution systems. Typically applications are Satellite earth stations, telecommunication systems, TV companies, manufacturing companies etc.

The staff of Precision Test Systems have many years of experience in the test and measurement field. All equipment sold is backed up by Precision Test's own workshop. Full repair and calibration services are offered by Precision Test Systems on the equipment they manufacture. Repair facilities exist in Essex, England, California, USA and Perth, Australia.

Precision Test Systems will also design and develop circuits for third parties. Precision Test has extensive experience in the design of many types of RF circuits. These include phase lock loops, filters of all types including cavity filters and voltage controlled oscillators. Precision Test'¬ôs expertise extends from DC circuits all the way to 40 GHz.

Precision Test Systems office in the UK handles CE marking of its products.

Email: info@ptsyst.com

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