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Full contact information has been shortened. Testimonials in their original form available upon request.

I'd like to express that of all the many vendors that provided equipment for our system, by far, Precision Test Systems were in a class above the rest.  Precision Test delivered a box that was flawless in its performance and AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!!!!.  Many thanks for your support on our project and I sincerely hope to continue to utilize Precision Test's talents.

MM of California wrote in April 2017:

It has been a very good experience dealing with your company. Incredible personal attention and a quality product.

On our CFS10B Frequency Standard, a UK company wrote:

First off, I just wanted to mention that the distribution amplifiers we purchased from you some time ago are in the field and working well. The end-end system achieved phase noise performance that is really on the leading edge.

On our largest ever frequency distribution system, the system designer wrote:

I was just thinking about your DA1-100-10 distribution amps. We are currently having trouble with some amps from one of your competitors. I was extremely impressed with how well your amplifiers worked in series - one amp feeding another, feeding another, which seems to be where my coworkers are running into trouble. There are no issues with your amps. The systems are installed in the field.

On our new DA1-100-10 Distribution Amplifier, a major Satellite company wrote:

We finished our FAT of the first project a few weeks ago and it went extremely well.   Phase noise of the system was extremely good and very predictable, which was a pleasant surprise to me.  The DA1-100-10 units behaved extremely well functionally and their performance was excellent and consistent with the data and specs for the units. 

On our new DA1-100-10 Distribution Amplifier, R.O of Canada wrote:

Just wanted to fire off a quick note to you regarding The GPS10RB. These clocks took the place of Novatechs rubidium DDS package . We often, at times, use our equipment in moving vehicles and were having problems with clock reliability and microphonic noise. Since the switch to the GPS10RB there have been no failures and noise problems have subsided. The cost of the GPS10RB is comparable if not slightly cheaper than the Novatech system. Precision Test Systems staff has been helpful to me with respect to technical expertise and on time delivery of this product.

On our GPS10RB Frequency Standard, P.L of Bedford, MA USA wrote:

Thank you Precision Test Systems for selling us such a great Distribution Amplifier for a fraction of the competitor's price.  We have a number of your Distribution Amplifiers in service in our Automatic Test Stations (ATE) and they have performed great!  We test RADAR systems and we need extremely accurate reference clocks for our instruments.  You have accommodated us in every way that we have asked and I appreciate it.

On our PTS50 Distribution Amplifier, R.B of Missouri, USA wrote:

I wish to express my appreciation for your tremendous support over the past six months and for your willingness to accommodate our needs. It has also been a great pleasure interacting with you.

P.M of Lexington wrote:

Thanks for Your always speedy responses again !  Many thanks for prompt service, and shipment

A.L of Finland wrote:

The PTS50 Distribution Amplifier is the best unit on the market

L.M of South Africa said:

Thank You for the update on the order and your excellent and prompt customer service

S.H of Florida USA wrote:

Thank you for your kind support

B.L of Taiwan wrote:

Thank you for your continued good service.   You have accommodated us on all our requests.

A.F of England said:

Given I have moved on to another program, I will certain keep your product line in mind since I was very pleased with the unit we had in-house. I would recommend your product.

On our GPS10RBN - DJ of New Hampshire USA wrote in March 2012