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Frequency Standards - Why buy from Precision Test?

Precision Test Systems manufacture and supply a wide variety of frequency standards.  These include the following:
  • OXCO frequency standards. The reference is an oven controlled crystal oscillator.  The reference can be a low cost standard oscillator, medium performance or our high performance, low ageing , ultra low phase noise types. GPS disciplined units are also available.
  • Rubidium frequency standards. The reference is a low ageing rubidium oscillator. Our own rubidium's are designed for long life (20 years) and have low phase noise.  GPS disciplined units are also available.
  • Cesium frequency standards. This cesium is manufactured in the EEC providing an alternative to other makes.
  • Hydrogen maser frequency standards.  These hydrogen masers have been built in large quantities and are in use all over the world.


All the frequency standard manufactured by us carry a three year warranty.  This is one of the longest guarantees in the industry.  Frequency standards supplied by us but not manufactured by us will carry the manufacturers guarantee.


Use our comparison chart to see the different types of frequency standards supplied by us.

The chart is available from here

Options and bespoke

We offer a large variety of options for our products. Options include:

  • Different type of references including ultra low noise types.  Floor noises to -174 dBc/Hz available.
  • Multiple outputs including sinewave, squarewave, pulse etc.
  • Different frequency outputs.  Either multiplied or divided from the reference frequency.
  • Redundancy.  Units operate in parallel for increased reliability.
  • Special timing outputs. E.G. BCD, IRIG-B, ASCII.
  • External locking inputs.   Lock the reference to an external frequency such as 10 MHz or 1 pps.  GPS locking is usually available as a standard feature.
  • Battery back-up.

  Also we are very happy to make products designed to for specific specifications.




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