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Precision Test Systems Limited

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Precision Test specializes in:




GPS / GNSS disciplined Rubidium oscillator
Crystal oscillator Ultra Low Noise
Hydrogen Maser Redundant systems
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5 & 10 MHz standard Optional 1-1000 MHz
1-1000 outputs Ultra low phase noise
Back-Up oscillator Redundant systems
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Frequency Standard

We manufacturer one of the industries most accurate Frequency standard with a Rubidium oscillator and we also have an ultra low phase noise Distribution amplifier to complement it.  Our time and frequency products are available for a cost effective price. Quality of design and reliability of our products is not sacrificed for low cost.

We manufacture a low phase noise GPS and GNSS frequency standard.  Examples of our range is the GPS10RBN. This is a GPS disciplined standard having a rubidium oscillator as its main reference. It offers exceptional performance.  The rubidium oscillator has been designed for a twenty year life and has very low phase noise.

We also have an excellent range of OXCO frequency standards. An OXCO standard can have very low phase noise such as -115 dBc/Hz @ 1 Hz offset with a -174 dBc/Hz floor noise.  We also have an OXCO based GPS frequency standard for those on a tight budget

Distribution Amplifier

We also manufacture complete Frequency distribution systems and timing distribution systems.  One of our biggest frequency distribution systems that we installed had hundreds of outputs with over 6 km of coaxial cable connecting various racks of satellite transmitting equipment. Our frequency distribution systems are ultra low phase noise types, essential in many satellite and telecommunication applications.

Examples of our Distribution amplifier range are our DA1-100-10 series.  These are ultra low phase noise distribution amplifiers with very high channel to channel isolation and very stable outputs. Our distribution amplifier range has many other models operating from 1 Hz to over 1 GHz.


ISO 9001:2008 Approval

  Precision Test Systems has been awarded ISO9001:2008 approval.

Featured Products

GPS10eR GNSS Disciplined, Rubidium Frequency Standard.  Brand New

The GPS10eR is a ultra low phase noise, rubidium frequency standard with dual GNSS receivers that can receive, GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellite navigation signals.

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Low G Sensitive Oscillators for Avionics and Military Use

A new range of Low G Sensitive Oscillators are now available.  G sensitivities of 5x10E-11/g is achievable at 10 MHz and 1x10E-10/g at 1 to 120 MHz.  This is on all three axes.



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